Online Analysis Tools

Frequently-Asked For Tables Browse the catalog for popular, ready-made tables. You can view tabulations in HTML format, export them to Excel, or load the table specifications into Table Designer to modify your customized table.
Table Designer Updated for the 2009 NHTS. Build customized data tabulations quickly and easily. Tabulations are in HTML and Excel spreadsheet formats.
Codebook Browser Online version of the NHTS Codebook document provides quick access to dataset and variable characteristics including methods to sort, filter, and search.
Data Extraction Tool This data extraction tool allows users to obtain data from the 1995, 2001, and 2009 NHTS to examine total travel (i.e., person trips, person miles traveled, vehicle trips, and vehicle miles traveled). This tool also allows users to extract data from all three surveys for trends analysis. The user can select one or more elements using selection criteria to generate a customized dataset. This customized dataset can be downloaded in CSV format for additional analyses.
2009 NHTS Transferability The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has developed 2009 NHTS Transferability Statistics by Census Tract. Support is provided by BTS.
2001 NHTS Transferability

Transferability refers to "transferring" the 2001 NHTS results to small geographic areas (e.g., Census Tracts). The Transferability methodology provides estimates of regional or local travel, including vehicle trips (VT), vehicle miles of travel (VMT), person trips (PT), and person miles of travel (PMT) by trip purpose and a number of demographics.

The online tool generates statistics for selected Tracts and TAZs by state and county. The map-based tool is currently not operational.

The 2001 NHTS Transferability National datasets are available on the download page. See the report for additional information.

1995 NPTS Transferability 1995 NPTS Transferability includes a methodology and a spreadsheet to enable users to get results for cities, counties, and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).


To recognize the valuable role of National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) data in the transportation research process and to facilitate repeatability of the research, users of NHTS data are asked to formally acknowledge the data source. Where possible, this acknowledgement should take place in the form of a formal citation, such as when writing a research report, planning document, on-line article, and other publications. The citation can be formatted as follows:

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 2009 National Household Travel Survey. URL: http://nhts.ornl.gov.

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