The NHTS Academy

The NHTS Academy is a series of short, informational videos on NHTS topics of interest to new users and experienced analysts. The Academy has grown to five subject areas with nine videos.

New Trip Chaining.

2015/2016 NHTS Survey Submitted to OMB

The NHTS program has completed its internal USDOT review of the 2015/2016 survey plan. On August 3rd, the NHTS submitted its Office of Management and Budget (OMB) package for external review. OMB has up to 90 days to provide questions to the NHTS team.

Call for Posters for 2016 TRB Annual Meeting

The TRB Task Force on Understanding New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey (ABJ45T) is calling for posters showcasing innovative uses of the NHTS for presentation at the TRB Annual Meeting on January 10—14, 2016. Abstracts are due by Friday, September 4, 2015. See the announcement for details.

New 2015 NHTS Compendium of Uses

The NHTS Compendium of Uses provides a summary of the uses and applications of NHTS data in transportation planning and related activities. The most recent Compendium has been posted and contains 192 publications and articles from January — June, 2015.

Millennial Travel and the NHTS

An article on millennial travel titled Are Millennials Really the "Go-Nowhere" Generation? was recently published by the Journal of the American Planning Association. In this article, author Noreen McDonald uses NHTS data to look at age cohorts to determine travel changes over time among younger individuals. The report can be found here, with a news article based on the report here.

New BTS Report on Occupant Fatality Risk

Dr. Craig Morris of the USDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics released a report in June titled Motor Vehicle Occupant Fatality Risk Based on Person-Time Exposed: Age, Sex, and Period of Week. Using 2009 NHTS data, the results revealed strong circadian periodicities of occupant fatalities and fatality risk, with greater risk during the late evening-early morning hours every day of the week especially by young males. The report is online at BTS.

NHTS Academy Module on Trip Chaining

The NHTS team has created a new NHTS Academy module on trip chaining. Topics covered include:

  • What is a trip chain?
  • Examples of chained trips.
  • Why are researchers interested in trip chains?
  • What's included in the NHTS trip chain files?
  • How to download trip chain files.


New NHTS Brief: Mobility Challenges for Households in Poverty

See the NHTS TRB Newsletter for a summary of recent activities and announcements.

TRB NHTS Task Force Phase One Report: Exploring New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey.

NHTS Briefs

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