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Thank you for participating in the 2017 NHTS!

In April of 2017 the NHTS completed the data collection phase. Slightly over 129,000 households across the nation participated in the study. We thank all of you who participated in the Survey. We highly value the information you have provided because your responses will help us to understand how people travel from place to place. Your answers will be compiled with others to produce evidence based information that can assist our decision makers on the Nation’s transportation needs. A public NHTS data set is slated to be released early 2018. Please visit this website for updates to the 2017 NHTS.

If you have questions or comments for our Survey Partners (State DOTs, MPOs, and COGs), please click here.

FHWA Research and Technology Evaluation: National Household Travel Survey Program Final Report

The final report of the NHTS Program evaluation performed by Volpe National Transportation Systems Center is now available. The NHTS program has been assessed on three major aspects: i) The extent of NHTS survey usage; ii) The impact of the NHTS Program on policy, project, and regulatory decision-making; and iii) The responsiveness of the NHTS Program to its user community. The report outlines how NHTS data provides a valuable insight into the American travel behavior thus helping to formulate travel demand models and influencing several transport related policy and legislative initiatives.

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