2001 NHTS Transferability Home


  • Transferability refers to "transferring" the 2001 Nationwide Household Travel Survey (NHTS) results to small geographic areas (e.g., Census Tracts or TAZ).
  • Transferability is based on a methodology using the NHTS data to estimate regional or local travel, including vehicle trips (VT), vehicle miles of travel (VMT), person trips (PT), and person miles of travel (PMT) by trip purposes.
  • Such information can be used by transportation planners and analysts in their transportation planning process.
  • NHTS Transferability is a GIS-based tool to enable users to download Trip Generation Rate information at the Census Tract or Transportation Analysis Zone (TAZ) level.
  • Output datasets are created for the selected Census Tracts and TAZs in Excel spreadsheet format (Excel 2003 XML).
  • New users should start with the Help File.