1995 NPTS Transferability

Tool for Transferring 1995 NPTS Results to Local Communities

Although information rich, NPTS data are not recommended for drawing conclusions on travel in areas smaller than a Census division. Extrapolating NPTS data within small areas could risk developing and subsequently using unreliable estimates. Thus, we have developed a methodology to "transfer" the results of the 1995 NPTS to smaller communities.

For in-depth information on the methodology used, see Transferability Of Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey Data To Regional And Local Scales [PDF].

For another explanation of our methodology, including an example of how transferability allows for estimates of smaller communities, download the PowerPoint presentation here [PPS]. NOTE: This presentation is embedded in the spreadsheet below. You do NOT need to download it if you download the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Tool

We have also developed a spreadsheet to enable users to get results for cities, counties, and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). The spreadsheet includes a presentation in PowerPoint format to give a user an introduction to the methodology. You will be required to view the presentation the first two times you open the file.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Excel 97 or later AND Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or later.


Download the spreadsheet here [XLS].

Other Data

The Excel file below contains the nation's Census tracts and their corresponding clusters ("Tracts" tab), along with overall daily trip and mileage rates per household for each cluster ("Key-Trip Rates" tab).

Download the Excel file here [XLS].

Developed by the CTA, ORNL under funding from the FHWA