The NHTS Academy

The NHTS Academy is a series of short, informational videos on NHTS topics of interest to new users and experienced analysts. The Academy has grown to five subject areas with nine videos.


The TRB Task Force on Understanding New Directions for the NHTS sponsored a Poster Session and a Workshop at the 2016 TRB Annual Meeting. The posters and presentations are now online.

2015 Compendium Updated

The NHTS Team has released its latest 2015 Compendium, which covers 376 cited publications from January through December. Topics range from bicycle/pedestrian studies to automated vehicle feasibility to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

2016 NHTS Pretest is Underway

On October 27, 2015, the Office of Management and Budget issued clearance to conduct the 2016 NHTS. This major milestone allows the 2016 NHTS to proceed with pretesting. The NHTS team anticipates that the first pretest respondent will be able to log into the online questionnaire by the first week of December. Pretesting began in mid-November with recruitment survey mail outs and will continue until January.

Are you a participant in the NHTS survey? If so, please visit the NHTS survey site. It has everything you need to get started.

Expert Panel Review Summary Report

A Panel of Expert Survey Methodologists met at the USDOT Headquarters on April 28, 2015 to review the 2016 NHTS Data Collection Plan, provide suggestions for improvement and discuss the future of the NHTS Program. The NHTS was fortunate to tap these world-renowned experts for measures of caution in the survey redesign and response analysis process. The summary report can be found here [PDF].

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Recent Publications

2015 NHTS Compendium of Uses, now through December.

CDC report Active Transportation Surveillance — United States, 1999–2012.

TRB NHTS Task Force mid-year meeting minutes [PDF].

TRB NHTS Task Force Phase One Report: Exploring New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey.

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