The NHTS Academy

The NHTS Academy is a series of short, informational videos on NHTS topics of interest to new users and experienced analysts. The Academy has grown to five subject areas with nine videos.

New Trip Chaining.

New BTS Report on Occupant Fatality Risk

Dr. Craig Morris of the USDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics released a report in June titled Motor Vehicle Occupant Fatality Risk Based on Person-Time Exposed: Age, Sex, and Period of Week. Using 2009 NHTS data, the results revealed strong circadian periodicities of occupant fatalities and fatality risk, with greater risk during the late evening-early morning hours every day of the week especially by young males. The report is online at BTS.

NHTS Academy Module on Trip Chaining

The NHTS team has created a new NHTS Academy module on trip chaining. Topics covered include:

  • What is a trip chain?
  • Examples of chained trips.
  • Why are researchers interested in trip chains?
  • What's included in the NHTS trip chain files?
  • How to download trip chain files.

USDOT References NHTS Poverty Brief in the 30 Year Outlook

The USDOT released a draft of a 30 year outlook for the future of transportation Beyond Traffic: Trends and Choices. The draft framework includes major trends, the implications of these trends for each mode of transportation: highways, transit, pedestrian and bicycle, aviation, intercity and freight rail, maritime, and pipeline; a description of a possible future scenario based on the trends and potential policy options based on the implication of these trends. But most importantly, the framework references NHTS and the news brief NHTS Poverty and Transportation. All Americans are invited to share ideas here.


New NHTS Brief: Mobility Challenges for Households in Poverty

See the NHTS TRB Newsletter for a summary of recent activities and announcements.

TRB NHTS Task Force Phase One Report: Exploring New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey.

NHTS Briefs

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