The NHTS Academy

The NHTS Academy is a series of short, informational videos on NHTS topics of interest to new users and experienced analysts. The Academy has grown to five subject areas with nine videos.

New The latest Academy addition describes the 2010 Census Boundary Update for the 2009 NHTS.

NewAlso new is a video on BESTMILE, an estimate of annual miles driven per vehicle.

2010 Census Boundary Update for 2009 NHTS Now Available

At the time of the 2009 NHTS release, the 2010 Census data had not yet been made available. Therefore, all geocoding was performed with Census-defined areas using 2000 Census definitions. This 2010 Census Boundary Update adds geographic variables based on 2010 Census definitions, and in so doing will build a bridge to the 2015 NHTS. The Census has updated Metropolitan Area and Urban Area definitions, which are reflected in the new 2009 NHTS variables. The 2010 geocoded variables along with supporting documentation can now be found in the NHTS Data Center. Also see the new Academy module.

2014 NHTS Compendium of Uses

The 2014 NHTS Compendium of Uses has been posted. This update to the NHTS compendium series contains over 150 publications that cite the NHTS. Uses and applications of the NHTS data include transportation planning, public health, traffic, safety, and the environment.

Pooled Fund Deadline Has Been Extended

The 2015 NHTS Add-on Program Pooled Fund is open for participation by local, regional and state add-on partners for only a limited time.

Add-on partners are encouraged to collaborate with their public transit, health, air quality, energy, safety and other agencies to pool funds and interests to together address local issues. See the Pooled Fund project page for details including project background, objectives, scope of work, benefits of participation, minimum funding level, project schedule, and FAQ.

Please contact Adella Santos or Brad Gudzinas with any questions.


TRB NHTS Task Force Phase One Report: Exploring New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey.

A new frequently asked-for table, Vehicle Trips by Trip Length has been posted. It includes short trips, which are of interest to researchers of bike/walk trips.

The 2015 TRB Data Contest is based on two research datasets: (1) Transportation Safety and (2) Travel Behavior (a subset of the 2009 NHTS). Details are here.

NHTS Policy Briefs

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